Guy Kawasaki

Why I Have Over 200,000 Views on Google Plus

Why do I only have about 40 followers on Google Plus but over 200,000 page views? 

Some call Google Plus a ghost town. I never really paid much attention to it until recently, when I got Guy Kawasaki’s eBook, What the Plus! Kawasaki claims that Google Plus is a truly a big deal and worthy of being taken seriously. Of course, Guy Kawasaki is a bit like Gary Vaynerchuk. Whichever platform they choose will necessarily become a big deal–it's called the Kawasaki effect!

Guy Kawasaki's Top Ten List for Innovation Success

In this recent but instantly classic presentation, serial entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki explains the art of innovation in ten – make that eleven – simple yet profound points:

  • Make meaning
  • Make mantra
  • Jump to the next curve
  • Roll the dice
  • Don't worry, be crappy
  • Let 100 flowers blossom
  • Polarize people
  • Churn, baby, churn
  • Niche thyself
  • Perfect your pitch
  • Bonus – don't let the bozos get you down

I love to hear innovation explained in 30 minutes or less!