Evernote for Life, Business, and Innovation

Innovation is not the product of disorganization. You must be organized enough to innovate. Furthermore, your team must also be organized enough to innovate.

You need a shared system that supports both execution and creativity. You also need a system that is flexible, intuitive, and capable of handling a wide variety of workflows.

Finally, you need a system that everyone will actually use. Why not use the one that millions already love?

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Who is the Only Evernote Business Certified Consultant in San Antonio?

Ken Cooper is the founder of the Innovation Studio. He helps companies and organizations leverage the collaborative power of Evernote Business to establish sustainable workflows for innovation.

Ken is the only Evernote Business Certified Consultant in San Antonio, and the only one in the world specializing in innovation workflows. Find him at Geekdom. Contact him here.


How the MythBusters Innovate With Evernote

Racing robotic spiders! Sounds like a comic from the 1940’s, but it was an actual project in which the Mythbusters, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, used the super-powers of Evernote for truly innovative results.

Evernote is ideal for innovation projects, because of its intuitive, shared workspace, which supports organization, collaboration, and knowledge management:

  • Organization - A wide variety of content can be organized with flexible notebooks and custom tags.
  • Collaboration - Notebooks can shared, so that your entire team can work together on the same material.
  • Knowledge Management - Your

Ten Ideas to Boost Your Creativity

Creativity and innovation are linked. Without creativity, there is no innovation. How can you spark creativity, over and over again?

Leo Babauta wrote a post on the zenhabits blog entitled, How Creativity Works, & How to Do It. He listed five ideas to help spark creativity:

  • Create time for solitude.
  • Search for interesting ideas.
  • Keep an idea file.
  • Reflect on ideas, apply them to your field.
  • Iterate on what you’ve come up with.

I’ll add five more:

  • Expose yourself to new sights and sounds. Legendary pop artist Peter Max, one of the most creative minds of our time, is said to have purchased

Why Evernote is For Innovators

Collaboration, knowlege management, and elegant design were the themes of Evernote CEO Phil Libin's keynote at the 4th Annual Evernote Conference. He may not have realized it, but he was describing the perfect tool for innovators!

Here are three reasons why Evernote Business is for innovators:

  • You must be organized enough to innovate. Because innovation is a team sport, that means that the team must collaborate in a productive and organized manner. Otherwise, your efforts won't be sustainable, and opportunites will slip away.