How Evernote Innovates Like a Nuclear Submarine

Evernote was hatched to wild success.

With millions of users, other startup CEOs might have cashed their chips and moved to the next big thing. However, Evernote’s Phil Libin doesn’t have an exit strategy. Rather, his goal for Evernote is to be a 100 Year Company, that is, “an innovative company that people love that lasts for a century.”

Early on, Evernote graduated from startup mode, turning its attention to establishing management teams by drawing on talent throughout the organization.

Borrowing from management techniques practiced on nuclear submarines, Evernote adopted what Libin calls,

How Evernote Helps Protect Your Business

Evernote delivers big benefits to businesses.

It’s the digital brain for individuals and teams, providing essential business information whenever and wherever it’s needed. Evernote provides a shared workspace, with essential tools to create efficient and organized workflows, and supports the best practices of project management. It even provides augmented intelligence technology called Context, so that you can always know what your team knows, for a competitive advantage.

Most importantly, Evernote delivers security.

Three Ways to Innovate with Evernote

Innovation doesn’t just happen. You must be organized enough to innovate. Furthermore, because innovation is a team sport, you need a shared system for collaboration. Here are three ways Evernote can help with your innovation efforts:

  • Research It – Be insatiably curious. Use the Evernote Web Clipper to capture interesting articles in Evernote. The more you capture, the more benefit you will receive. Evernote indexes all of your content for instant recall. Furthermore, if you have Evernote Premium or Evernote Business, the unique augmented intelligence features of Context will suggest related

Is Work Chat Legit?

Back in the day of the AOL-Time Warner merger, a friend in one of the affected companies later recounted the painful experience attempting to use AOL chat for online business meetings. It wasn’t pretty, and the experiment left such a bad taste that any future mention of chat for business was met with resistance, or laughter. Not legit.

Then came Enterprise 2.0, with companies like IBM and Yammer providing secure collaboration solutions to the enterprise, including microblogging and chat.

Fast forward to now. Github, one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies, uses chat for everything.

Why You Should Give Evernote Penultimate Another Chance

Penultimate was one of the most revered iPad apps of all time, transforming the iPad into an irreplaceable digital moleskine. For many users, including me, using my iPad was synonomous with using Penultimate.

Then, something happened. Penultimate was acquired by Evernote as a means to integrate hand-written and hand-drawn notes. Evernote would sync the Penultimate notebooks and OCR the notes in order to make them searchable. It all sounded great, and seemed to be a natural fit.

However, somewhere along the way, something got broken, and stayed broken for a long time.