How Evernote Can Help You Innovate in 2015

2015 will be a great year for innovation. It will also be a year of lost opportunities due to lack of execution. After all, innovation is not the product of disorganization. You must be organized enough to innovate. 

Most projects can be managed effectively by clearly defining the desired outcome, and tracking the next actions required to move towards completion. Indeed, most projects get bogged down by the failure to execute these simple things.

Michael Hyatt, New York Times bestselling author and Evernote advocate, details how to use Evernote to transform vague New Years resolutions into tangible results. Hyatt’s method appears to be a modification of David Allen’s method described in his productivity blockbuster, “Getting Things Done.”

Simply stated, you create a note to serve as an index for all of the projects you wish to manage. Then, create a separate note for each project to contain checklists of next actions and other project notes. Finally, make sure to name and tag your notes to rise to the top when you review.

In order to modify Hyatt’s method even further to manage innovation projects, we will need a few more upstream categories:

  • First, create a list called IDEAS-UNFILTERED. This list will contain unfiltered, unevaluated ideas about anything and everything. 
  • Second, create a list called IDEAS-FILTERED. This list contains the best ideas from the unfiltered list.
  • Third, create a list called IDEAS-CONCEPTS. This list contains the best ideas from the filtered list to be developed more fully into viable business concepts. If you are familiar with LEAN, a simple business model canvas could be used at this point.
  • Finally, you now have a project, which you can manage using the system that Hyatt describes.

Innovation is a team sport, so your project materials should be shared. That’s where Evernote Business shines. Everyone in your team will have secure access to project notebooks and status updates. Furthermore, advanced features like Work Chat and Context will help raise your innovation capabilities to new heights.

Evernote Business can help your team be organized enough to innovate in 2015!

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